Taking the “Failure-brickroad” to Success

So,  I was not expecting the topic of “failure” or “setbacks” to be my first post but I came across this great video on MariaForleo.com about overcoming setbacks. The video features Entrepreneur/Business Consultant  Maria Foreleo and Dr. Cathy Collautt discussing the “4 Steps to Overcome a Devastating setback”.

Now why was I so “eager” to click on this video? Well I am sitting on my friends couch and reflecting on the impromptu move I made from California to Houston and thinking to myself “did I make the right move?” “Am I a failure for letting go of opportunities I had in California and starting over in another state?” While some would judge my current (yet temporary) circumstance as an “embarrassment” or  give me the side-eye” I look at my current situation as an opportunity and while I have made some decisions in my life that were not so great (like many of us do) getting that little “pep talk” of motivation to move forward and remind myself that everything will not always be peaches and creme was a great reminder in this video and that in order to be successful (whatever that means to YOU) you have to accept set backs.

So if your like me, still fairly “young “(mid twenties) not in a place you want to be in or seem to be stuck in a rut, understand that these “hurdles” in life are bound to happen and must be taken with a grain of  salt and dealt with and you CAN move forward.

Here are the four steps to Overcoming setbacks (as told by Dr. Cathy Collautt)

Step 1:

You MUST learn to deal with setbacks, failures and blows to your confidence and overcome them.

Step 2: 

Recognize that Success and Failure are on the same path

Step 3:

Celebrate the effort not the Result

Step 4:

Watch out for the tendency to draw global conclusions as the result of a specific failure.


And those are the four “easy” steps. I know everything is easier said then done, but trust me once you understand and get that concept down success will be much closer than you think.

Do you agree?



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