Why I started my blog site

To be honest, I think “blog-sites” with your own face along with having no real meaning are a bit redundant and a bit narcissistic. But I understand in the new world of Social Media and social “engagement” most people want to know the “real” you and honestly blogging is a great platform to “vent” (hopefully) with a purpose.

Do you really know why I started this blog? I mean do you honestly want to know why I added myself in the millions of self-published websites already out on the world wide web? Because my Journalism Professor “required” me to. No, really. I attended my first day of “Journalism”  yesterday at Texas Southern University and found out it was a requirement to make a website.

I was actually excited that I had no choice but to do it, because it gave me a boost. I had already planned to make my own website eventually but I wanted to think long and hard about it, especially since it can be scary to put yourself out there to a world that does not know and quite frankly could give a rats (expletive) about me. Why am I interesting? Why should I make a blog named after myself about myself ? Well I don’t know about you but I find myself and my life’s journey and experiences to be very interesting and this is a great space to talk about what I want how I want and when I want.

This is a good space to share my experiences that I know someone else out there will relate to or even learn from. I promise I will be as honest and candid as possible. I will not only share stories and visuals from my personal life, but also give advice on many things (that I am fairly well-versed in) I will share “breaking” news in case you missed it because you were living under a rock and share “secrets” that will not be so secretive anymore. One thing I will warn you about is sometimes I can be too honest but please understand my intent is never to purposely hurt people and put others down. Whoever you are that is reading this right now I want you to always leave with a take away and I hope to be as clear and concise as possible.

[Warning]: This blog is not a “political” blog or “Journalism” style blog. Hence “Blog”. This is a place for the general public to get a snap-shot of who I am and in few cases I will display my “journalism” style articles, but please keep in mind this is a BLOG.

So why “Nycole’s Lyfe” “Givin’ it to you straight without the harsh hit” as the title? Um, well, maybe because it’s about…..ME! (lol) oh and sometimes I have no “filter” I’m pretty opinionated. It sounds so funny saying that because it bugs the hell out of me when I see bloggers make websites about celebrities and other topics but they have they’re face and name on the blog, but hey it works for them! If you hear me talking about the lives of a famous person I am using they’re experience as an example, not for the the mere fact of “guess who is wearing what?” “guess who was seen with who?” I know, I know it is interesting sometimes but really, WHO CARES!

I just hope you find this blog interesting, funny, motivational and helpful and whatever self-serving benefit you can get or maybe you just like to vicariously live your life through someone else, that’s cool too 🙂


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