Drake says “No New Friends” I say YES PLEASE!


If you’re a “radio head” or are into the hip-hop scene, or basically “musically conscientious”. Then I’m sure you have heard of Singer/Rapper “Aaliyah obsessed” Drake’s “No New Friends”. When you listen to the beat it’s definitely “knocking” and when you initially listen to the lyrics you kind of agree, because the whole message is about loyalty to your current group of friends that are (hopefully) equally loyal. The lyrics go a little something like this:

“No new friends, no new friends, no no new, I say f*** all ya’ll…except my ****,  f*** all ya’ll except my ****, been down since day one.”

That was the clean version I quoted above. I listened to those lyrics understanding the message but at the same time it sends a semi dangerous message. I mean..I get it you are loyal and “down” for your boys but what happens when all that loyalty goes out the door? I really thought about that. Don’t get me wrong, staying down for your friends through thick and thin is great but the realities of life have taught most of us that people come into your life for a reason, a season, and a lifetime. I am assuming Drake was talking about the latter. But what happens when that friend becomes an enemy? What if your whole crew turned on you? What do you do then? In my opinion you are S.O.L on new friends because you turned everyone down to prove your “loyalty” to your current crew. What good is it to turn down new associates that could potentially turn into great long time friends that can help you grow and become a better person in every stage of your life?

I have personally found myself disappointed time and time again with the current friends I have. Some I have had to let go because they are too negative. Others, I only keep around for certain circumstances in my life because unfortunately you cannot include the same people in every detail of your life. I currently have (had) a best male friend who I have known for 9 years that I care about has a great personality and I truly believe cares about me and my well being. However, I cannot say he always has my best interest at heart. He tends to compare himself (a lot) to other people, is very into appearances and material things and throws his two degrees not only in my face (which by the way he has nothing to show for it) (no shade). But in other people as well, tends to talk about people in a bad way to make himself feel better. But honestly I don’t think he realizes it and I have to tell him about himself sometimes.

The thing is, I couldn’t just surround myself with that type of thinking for the rest of my life on a daily basis because I would then adopt his thinking and only put myself in a place in life that I do not want to be. I remember in my early twenties I used to party and drink..a lot. I would hang out with people who did not have any ambition in life, all they cared about was spending their  last paycheck on things they could not afford their appearances and who had the “baddest” significant other. No education, no sense of purpose, and being surrounded by that got me stuck in my rut and I was lost in the “mix” of an uncertain future.

The point I am trying to make is this, if you cut off all possibilities of creating new purposeful relationships, you limit yourself and will only find yourself lonely and disappointed in the end.

What do you think? I want to hear from you.How do you honestly feel about loyalty and friendships?


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