Two Black Teens Found Dead & Media Is Focusing On The Wrong Things!

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Two young women were found dead by the side of a Florida road, but how will the public react to their murders?

A Tampa suburb was rocked after the bodies of Angelia Mangum, 19, and 18-year-old Tjhisha Ball were found hogtied by zipcords and lying on top of one another Thursday, WFTS reports.

The cause of their deaths is not clear as coroners are currently conducting an autopsy to find out what killed them. There’s no word from authorities on that front yet, but what has been swiftly reported is that both of the girls had been working as exotic dancers up until the day they were murdered. According to WFTS, they each had criminal records as well.

I state this to explain that before the details of their murder are thoroughly examined, these facts could call their character into question in the eyes of the public. Unless their decision to strip for…

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