Opinion: Kendall Jenner and Khloe K. prove that reading skills are fundamental

Have you been spending too much time in the mirror lately? Are you worried more about preserving your looks instead of preserving your brain? Are you striving to be a Kim K. or the newly popular “K” sister Kylie Jenner?

Don’t be in such a rush, you may embarrass yourself along the way.

A co-worker of mine decided to volunteer her “celebrity” gossip “news” to me. Not to my surprise a Jenner-Kardashian was brought up because not to our surprise, they seem to be the most talked about celebrity family now and out of pure guilt, here I am giving them more attention… but for good reason :).

My co-worker (who shall remain nameless) said “did you know that 17-year-old Kylie Jenner bought her own mansion?” I replied, “No. I had no idea, that’s pretty elaborate for a high school drop out and someone allegedly dating a pedophile” (laughs).

My co-worker laughed and we just had this banter about young girls dating older men, parents no longer looking out on the well-being of their kids. And how we lived our lives as 17-year-old girls. In the middle of that conversation, I thought to myself (if we were honest) if we had the money at that age we probably would buy a house too. Ok, maybe not a mansion but at least a reasonable condo.

So I decided to do some research and try to give these girls (who are no-doubt beautiful) the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe in some way they have to be more than just “looks”, which mind you fade away eventually no matter how much plastic surgery you get.

I decided to Google any form of education the Kardashian-Jenner family had and unfortunately I could not find much. The only person who has a college degree is Kourtney Kardashian who graduated from University of Arizona, her major was Theater. (surprise, surprise) no shade.

I then Google’d any form of training or other education that these young women have obtained to “earn” the jobs they have acquired. Once again…zilch. So I thought maybe, just maybe Education is over-rated and that I should aim “high” like the kardashians. Drop out of college and give up the pursuit of my Bachelor’s Degree with a 3.0 GPA, denounce my A.A degree and all other training  and experience I have acquired legitimately.

I can go save up and get some plastic surgery (a little enhancement never hurt nobody). Invest in the best weave’s and makeup and cross my fingers and hope that I “bump” into the right connect (I just hope I don’t have to lay on my back in the process).

So, I thought about it some more and thought if Khloe can co-host alongside Mario Lopez with little training and no education, surely I can aim “high” and do it the same way she did. And then it donned on me…her hosting gig was short-lived and she was not the best host and ratings plummeted when she was co-hosting ‘X-factor”.

I had not really watched her and I finally watched several episodes and these were the results.

Example of Khloe being “unprofessional” on the first night of hosting putting a seasoned judge on the hot seat.

Khloe making excuses on why she could not keep her job

This is not the first time Khloe has been relieved from her duties, Donald Trump fired her back in 2009 from the Apprentice.

All in all, it’s clear that her beauty was not strong enough to keep her gigs that could have allowed the public to take her more seriously proving she actually wants to “work”.

Moving on to the other sister exhibit “B”. Kendall Jenner. I actually started to like her and take her more seriously when she decided to pursue something that she may actually be good at…modeling. She is tall and lean and of course attractive. She even allegedly fired her “momager” Kris Jenner so that she could be taken more seriously and make people believe she actually “earned” her casting calls and runway opportunities.

Well just like the way she “earned” her modeling gigs is the same way she received a hosting opportunity, with one phone call (and possible bribe). The results….

As the lady in the end of the video said, like everything else this opportunity was handed to her versus her getting training and consistently practicing the looks can’t give you automatic reading fundamentals.

As the old-adage goes, “It may get you there, but it won’t keep you there.” I can honestly say if Khloe would have taken extensive hosting classes and read some books and spent hours studying and watching other Hosts and Presenters she could have had another season to host. Training would have given her the skills to be able to listen to the producer in her ear bud while reading the teleprompter at the same time and saved her a lot of embarrassment.

And Kendall? Just stick to what your family has been known best for years, being quiet and looking pretty 🙂


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