My Exclusive interview with Kevin Harts “Get Hard” Main Lady Edwina Findley-Dickerson


Today  the highly anticipated comedy “Get Hard” starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell releases in theaters.

I happened to “get in” on the film by securing an exclusive interview on behalf of, with the lovely and talented actress Edwina Findley-Dickerson who plays “Rita” the supportive wife of Darnell played by Kevin Hart.

Edwina shared her experience on-set, her future projects and gushed about her husband off-screen and some marriage “take away’s” from her on-screen marriage. I found Edwina to be pleasant and extremely passionate about her craft. [Sidenote]: She complimented me on my “energetic” personality and questions 🙂


Check out the detailed interview below.

Nycole Hutchens: Tell us about your new film “Get Hard” and your character Rita.

Edwina Findley: As you know I play “Rita”. She is a loving and wonderful wife to Darnell played by Kevin Hart. She works hard to keep her family unit together. She and her husband are working hard to put their daughter in private school, but it’s like that dream that keeps evading us and then finally Darnell (Hart) has this “wonderful” idea to pretend like he’s an ex-con in order to get enough money to pay a down payment for a house by impostering in front of Will’s [Ferrell) character in how to “get hard” for prison. You’ve probably seen the moment in the commercial where he (Kevin) is going to try it out on me, it’s not gonna happen (laughs). So I definitely think you see that we are the “yin” to one another’s “yang” as far as family unit is concerned. He’s very charming, you know, but he also has these kind of grandiose ideas that my character Rita certainly wants to kind of bring him back into reality when it comes to taking care of family matters.

N.H: We are so used to seeing you playing more dramatic characters, for example your most known for your work in HBO’s “The Wire”. How did this particular project come about and what made you want to say “yes” to this film?

E.F.: You know what was awesome? I was filming a very,very dramatic movie for HBO called “Veep” and the same casting director from “Veep” also cast “Get Hard” and so when Get Hard came around, and the Casting Director thought of me and had me come in and meet the producers and the Director and the Writers and audition for them. You know it was definitely exciting to kind of enter into this new stage. I grew up watching Will Farrell on Saturday Night Live, just watching him and cracking up and watching him in other movies. It’s interesting because Alfred Woodard is the one who introduced me to Kevin Harts work about 5 years ago, she opened up her laptop and was like, “You’ve got to see this comedic stand up he did.” So it was sort of interesting in how it came together, it was a real blessing to be able to enter into the comedy space and to really have a blast there as well.

N.H: In working with big names such as Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, it’s no doubt that teaming up with two comedic legends will ensure laughs. However, what was the experience like for you on set working with these two?

To read more of this exclusive interview click HERE.


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