Cosmo Magazine Says: “RIP” Black Women; Revive White Women with “Gorgeous”


Cosmopolitan magazine recently came under fire with an article that was published earlier this year titled, 21 trends that need to die in 2015″ From a glance the piece looked like a typical beauty article to highlight trends that are “desirable” and not so desirable.

It wasn’t until the trends had a peculiar consistency in the title over photos of women classified as “RIP” and “Gorgeous”. Most of the beautiful black women had “RIP” and the white women had “Gorgeous” over their photos. But was the blatant division of titles intentional? According to some critics this was a clear case of biased and subtle racism.

Mother Afro@HIFTBABG Apr 1  via Twitter says:

Coincidence that all the “wrong” looks are on black woman/WOC?


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