#TBT: E! News Host Terrence Jenkins on the Importance of HBCU’s in today’s Society

terrence j

This past March, E! News co-anchor Terrence Jenkins, sat down with T.V. Host Larry King on “PoliticKing,” to discuss this years White House for Champions of Change  recognizing faculty and staff members at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Terrence Jenkins discussed the importance of HBCUs in today’s society and the economical impacts they have on minorities, particularly African-Americans. Although HBCUs account for only 3% of the U.S. Educational Institution system, they graduate a mere 23% of African-Americans, particularly in STEM (Science.Technology, Engineering, Math) fields.

Jenkins, who is an Alumnus of North Carolina State A&T, said he would not have been as successful as he is today without receiving the education he obtained at a HBCU.

“I would have had a completely different path if I weren’t accepted into the University, and the mentoring and the people around me that changed my life.”

Larry King challenged Jenkins about the relevance and need of HBCU’s in an “integrated” society, a society  where minorities have other institutions to choose from..

“Do you see an end of Black schools? Why should there be a need for them?” he asked.

Jenkins says asking “why HBCU’s are necessary is equivalent to asking why are there other traditional “all female colleges” or all “catholic schools.”

“First of all, it is part of our culture.  There’s the traditional female college, that’s like asking why there’s those, or you know the catholic schools why are those here?”

Take a look at the full interview below.


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