Chris Brown proves the ground is not worthy of His feet

Chris Brown is clearly not “sweating” his stalker situation.

“CB” was spotted last night in Los Angeles, CA leaving the studio when “TMZ” caught up with the “Loyal” singer strolling to his Lamborghini. After bragging about his “package” that his stalker fan allegedly wanted, Brown was all calm and collected riding on what appeared to be a hands-free motor scooter.

At first it appeared the singer was just walking fast to his car, but it was so smooth it looked like he was floating.

The cool “strolling” device is known as a “Hovertrax” which can cost up to $1,000. Seems Chris Brown not only proved he can dust a “stalker” off his back, but also “float” on the ground unscatthed.

I guess people are too good to use their feet. Other celebrities seem to be too good for the ground they walk on, Ariana Grande has her body guards carry her (literally) around. Will this be the new trend?


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