My Interview with Nicole Murphy and Morris Chestnut


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Hundreds of wine and “beautiful people” lovers were in attendance for the “Meet Your Destiny” launch party, hosted by supermodel/entrepreneur Nicole Murphy and actor Morris Chestnut.

Fans had the opportunity to mix and mingle with the former “Hollywood Exes” reality show star and the “Perfect Guy” hunk over a glass of DESTINY Moscato wine while enjoying live entertainment by special guest performer Yazz “The Greatest,” with DJ “Big Tigga” on the turn tables.

The event was held at Music World center near downtown Houston, owned by Mathew Knowles.  What better place to say cheers than at the home of Houston’s Destiny’s Child?

I caught up with the stars to talk about the DESTINY Moscato collection and what wine connoisseurs can expect from the new venture.

On DESTINY Moscato and the “Diamond” collection.

Murphy: Well it’s called the “Diamond” collection, one is called “Ruby,” the other is called “Diamond.” I tend to like the “Ruby.” Mister man (points at Morris) likes the “Diamond.”

The “Diamond” has more of the citrus-vanilla fig blend, [and] the “Ruby” has more of the berries, it’s delicious. Most moscatos out there have five percent alcohol volume.  Ours has 11.5 premium blend.  You can add orange juice to make a mimosa.

On entrepreneurial contributions and the importance of being involved with DESTINY brand.

Murphy: Well that’s one of the things, that’s the reason why I got involved in this product. I said I have to be involved in it 100 percent. I want to taste it, I want to make sure that it tastes good. I don’t want to be out here faking like I’m drinking it.  I want to enjoy it. I’m showing up at liquor stores, grocery stores signing bottles and Morris is doing the same thing.  We are in it 100 percent.

Chestnut: I heard about the brand, I saw the brand someone told me about it and said it taste real good. They told me Nicole was involved and I was like oh they got Nicole! (laughs) So then I sat down with Mark Thierry, the owner of the company, he told me what the vision was and where they wanted it to go. Everything was so laid out in such detail. He was so driven, had such a great personality and team around him, I said I wanted to be a part of that team. I begged and begged, so here I am.

On defining destiny and pursuing passion.

Murphy: I think evolving, striving for the best, doing your best, reach your goals and set them. Be strong as a woman or a man.

Chestnut: Primarily we don’t know what our destiny is, but I feel we do have it in our control. So for me, “Meet Your Destiny” is going after it, working hard, being diligent, pursuing what your goals and your dreams are. Don’t just sit back waiting for things to happen.  Take control of your life and grab a bottle of moscato!

For more information about the “Destiny” moscato line visit



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