Review: My bad Nail Service Experience

I wish I did not have to give this review. It saddens me that this nail shop “Fashion Nail and Spa”, located in the Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Typically, I do not go out of my way to write a review (unless its a movie). But I don’t want another young lady to have to experience what I experienced. Especially if it’s her first time getting her nails done professionally.

You know how you get out the house to go somewhere to be in a better mood? And what better way then to go and treat yourself just knowing you will be met with friendly service.

Sad to say, I was not. I walked in  and no one greeted me. It was not that busy to begin with for them NOT to acknowledge me (big turn off). I literally stood there for 5 minutes staring at the first nail technician to finally look up.

When she did look up and greet me, her attitude was not pleasant. It was almost like a “what do you want?” attitude.

I gave her the “if you want a tip, do not have an attitude” look. I  kindly (but directly) told her what I needed done which was a refill/Gel polish.

Finally, after waiting for 25 minutes an oriental lady walks out from the back (you could tell she was not in the best of moods), so I tried not to take it personally. When her co-worker pointed to me signaling that I was next. The lady who was assigned to do my nails snapped her fingers to signaled me over (like I was a puppy dog or something).

She vaguely examined my nails (while slightly rolling her eyes) and asked me to sit at her station.

She began working on my nails (swiftly). After she was done filing my nails and cleaning them she asked me what color I wanted (I told her what I wanted before I sat at her station). Ok no big deal.

She comes back to the station with two colors because she still couldn’t remember what color I wanted. The two she brought back were the wrong ones. So then I said, “well, may I take a look at the booklet again?” She had an attitude about that and said “someone took it I don’t know where it is.”

A nice lady sitting next to me (who was also getting her nails done) kindly corrected the lady and said “You just had it didn’t you? It was up at the front desk.” (The lady could tell I was getting half ass treatment).

So finally she brought the booklet and I pointed out the color I wanted.

My nail service turned out ok. At this point, actually after the attitude she had with finding the right color for my nails, I knew I would not tip her. Why tip for bad service?

It sucks because I go out my way to tip, especially to debunk the stereo-type that “minorities” don’t tip. Maybe if we didn’t get treated with half ass service we would tip you.

Now I am not implying discrimination at all (because that is a serious matter, and legalities would have to be called into action). What I am saying is no one should have to go through what I went through regardless of age, race or sex.

I was on a vacay trip from Houston and its sad I came all the way to California to receive crappy service after paying my hard-earned cash.

I only gave Fashion Nail Spa two stars because the place was affordable. Other than that I would not recommend this place.

P.S. to show some compassion for the lady, I asked how her day was and if they had been busy all day. (Sometimes people just have a bad day). She said it was not that busy and that she had a fairly decent day. That just tells me her attitude was uncalled for and she needs more training in customer service. If you don’t like your job quit and go somewhere else.

PPS. I would have been willing to pay $10-$15 extra  elsewhere just for the customer service alone. Makes a big difference doesn’t it?




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