What to Expect on your first day as a News Room Intern

Have you ever been curious about the news room? I’m not talking about the semi “fluff” you’ve seen in  “Anchor Man” or  “News Room”. I’m talking about real life experience.

Maybe your even trying to pursue a career in the media field as a Reporter or Host and want to get real world experience and getting that experience (traditionally) begins with having an internship.

Well you have come to the right place (perhaps).

As you know I created my own opportunities prior to becoming an intern at a top news station (see my bio). I have interviewed many celebrities and covered red carpet events. I  even had the pleasure to extend my opportunities to other aspiring media hosts to cover events (good karma). All while obtaining my bachelors degree.

However, I did not have the opportunity for someone to show me an “inside” look in the news room and giving me REAL advice on what it takes and what to expect. A lot of times so called “experts” and “advice-givers” only give you a miniscule point-of-view only to promote themselves.

I’m not here for that.

Yesterday, I started my first day as a News room intern at a NBC affiliate station in Houston, TX (top 10 news market).

I was super nervous at first. I was so worried  about how I would be perceived even to the little (not so little) details from my nails, hair and outfit. By the way, I will share some news room “fashion” tip attire on a budget  and what I wore for that day in case you want some ideas :).

After arriving at the news site (thanks Uber), I walked into a lobby with three television monitors mounted on the walls and a sign that insured I was in the right place. I walked up to a dark window (btw I had to pick up an isolated telephone to talk to the guard/receptionist to let me in).

I greeted the nice man behind the small hole in the window. “Hi, my name is Nycole Hutchens. I am here for my first day as an intern.” (Gosh, I sounded corny).

After arriving 30 minutes early, (better to be early then to be late) I patiently waited. 10-15 minutes later the other interns arrived.

We were taken to the back and greeted by our direct manager who eventually took us on a tour of the studio. We even watched the female meteorologist flawlessly adlib her entire weather report, no script no teleprompter.

I was then given my schedule a badge and a folder with all the “ins and outs” on what to expect as an intern.

The first day was a breeze, it was only orientation day where we toured the studio, signed paper work and took notes on the “key players” in the news room (at least I took notes).

For my outfit, I wanted to “dress the part”. My thing is, if you eventually want to be on-air or if that is your goal “dress the part” regardless of your current position, and regardless if you are told there is no specific attire or you don’t have to dress up. If you want to produce, producers are a little more laid back, so be a little more “laid back” in your professional appearance.

(I kept it simple with an olive color skirt: $7.99), Long sleeve blouse $10.99 (Ross) and nude 4″ pumps :$39.99 (justfab.com).

For more “visuals” and a look in the life of a Media Reporter, follow me on Instagram @TheRealNycole. (I promise I follow back 🙂 )

Twitter: @NycoleHutchens


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