Houston Activist Calls out Nike: “If Casualties Had Been White, Then Things Would Begin to Change”

I had a powerful interview with Houston community Activist Derick Muhammad.

He straight out called out Michael Jordan and Nike for their lapse in judgment on how they market high demand Jordan sneakers.

In what many are calling the case of “death over designers,”activist Derric Muhammad is calling out Nike over another tragedy that resulted put one black man in jail and another one in the grave.

Muhammad recently discussed the Air Jordan case in Houston where a young man, Joshua Woods, 22, was shot and killed by Neil Bland, 22 back in 2012 over a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers. Bland was convicted of capital murder on Feb 10.

Since the announcement of the verdict, Muhammad has turned the focus on Nike and their questionable marketing practices. In the interview, he called out Nike saying if the loss of lives had been white children, Nike would have changed its marketing strategy a long time ago.

“If this was taking place in the suburbs – just like when crack cocaine started hitting the suburbs, things began to change – then things would begin to change if the casualties were white,” Muhammad said.

Muhammad also argued that the issue is not a “black” problem and that white children kill over things too.

“I know what you are saying; only black children kill one another over Air Jordan sneakers. Yea but white children kill one another over other things,” Muhammad said.

He argued that Nike puts out only a limited supply of new Air Jordan shoes while being fully aware of the demand of their brand that causes “hype” amongst the youth, creating a dangerous shopping experience.


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