Angela Basset Launches New Skin Care Line for Dark Hued Women


Critically acclaimed actress Angela Bassett has partnered up with a famed skincare specialist to the stars. Bassett, has now endorsed a skincare line dedicated to dark skinned women aptly titled “Darker Tones”.

The ageless beauty partnered up with celebrity dermatologist and friend Dr. Barbara Strum. The skin care line consists of 5 products; a foam cleanser (150-ML); enzyme cleanser (75-gram), face cream (50 ML), face cream (50 ML), and hyaluronic serum (30 ML).

Bassett told Women’s Wear Daily in April, that women of color should be in tune with their skin.

“I like them to be pleased when they look in the mirror and to feel good about themselves and the condition of their complexion,” said Bassett.


If you’re wondering about the average cost however, to stay looking youthful like Ms. Bassett, the line comes at a pretty penny and is not cheap. The hyaluronic serum alone cost a whopping $335.


The skin care line will be sold exclusively in stores and online at Harrod’s.


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