Black Excellence: Texas Southern Student wins First Place in International Business Competition

Congratulations are in order for a Texas Southern University student who won the International Competition for Entrepreneurs.

Anthony Collier, a junior at Texas Southern won first place in the competition.  His team consisted of four other Texas Southern students including, David Funchess, Shanique Brown, Aubrey Conley, and Ashytn Duncan.

Collier and his collaborative team were recognized for an innovative electromagnetic chip idea called “RadBlok”, a chip that is designed to boost cell phone reception, conserve battery life and keep the phone at a safe temperature while charging to avoid over-heating.

The competition was held in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where 12 different schools from across the world came to compete.

The title win marked Texas Southern as the first and only HBCU to be admitted into the program and winning first place.

In a recent interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Collier describes RadBlok in more detail and describes the chips features which includes 24K gold!

The chip is available to order on



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