The “Mad Black” School supply line that sold out in 24-hours


Summer is coming to a close and school is almost back in session, just in time to gear up for school supplies.

27-year-old Nneka, a military veteran and college student, decided to get creative and use her drawing skills to create some of the most epic black culture inspired notebooks.

The notebooks sold out in less than 24-hours on the “Innovative Supplies” website.

The line also has apparel that showcase black art by black artists putting together elements of black culture from the past and the present.

The notebooks consist of many messages on the cover including “Black Lives Matter” that appears like an incoming text message by President Obama. Another has the face of Martin Luther King. Jr. Taking a “selfie” with police standing behind him.

Although the current items are sold out, consumers can still visit for pre-orders when items are back in stock.

Check out the photos below.

Image of Be Unique*

Image of Blk Lvs Mtr

Image of Tea Time*

mr steal yo land


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