Middle School Teacher accused of telling 6th grade class: “Whites are Superior to Black People”


Photo credit: www.usd497.org

(KLFA Newsource)–  A middle school teacher has been accused of making racist comments to a class of 6th graders.

Several parents complained about the teachers’ remarks after students complained to  their parents about remarks they claim to be disturbing.

Monique Richardson said her son claims the teacher said, “That whites are more superior than blacks and that because of the color of our skin. We’ll never make the amount of money that other races make.”

Richardson, said she immediately jumped into action and called other parents to complain to the school and have immediate action taken against the social studies teacher.

“We jumped straight into action, me and “mama bears” that’s just what we did, went straight into action,” said Richardson.

The teacher was suspended with pay.

Source: Teacher accused of telling 6th graders that whites are ‘superior’ to black people


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