Mob of Berkeley Students take the Streets in Protest in light of Trump Presidential win

The announcement of last nights  Republican Presidential elect caused mixed reactions for many Americans.

Tuesday night, over 200 students took the streets of Berkeley and headed down to Oakland City Hall chanting “Not my president.” Chaos ensued as protesters jumped onto Highway 24, blocking traffic.

At around 12:15 a.m. on the eastbound side near the city of Claremont, a woman was hit by a car. According to reports, the woman (allegedly) tried to flee the scene. However, protesters created a barricade to stop the car and attempted to break the windows.

A U.C. Berkeley student expressed her frustration and anger after it was announced that business mogul Donald Trump won president elect.

“We don’t feel the government is hearing our voices when we say Donald Trump is not our president,” said  sophomore Esmeralda Cortez, who was at the protest. “The fact that he’s our new president says a lot about where our future and our generations are heading.”

One protester set a newspaper stand on fire, while others set Trump paraphernalia on fire.



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The results of this presidential election continue to send shock waves across the U.S. as Americans continue to mourn and celebrate in what has been considered to be, in the words of Senator Mitchell McConnell,  a “stunning” election.


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