Brandon T. Jackson Says Any Black Man Replacing Nick Cannon On AGT Is Disrespectful And A “Sambo” Act

Actor/Comedian Brandon T. Jackson has given his two cents about the replacement of Americas Got Talent’s former host, Nick Cannon.

TMZ caught up with the actor and asked him his thoughts on Nick Cannon leaving the show, and if he would have taken the opportunity to host. Jackson not only commended Cannon for bowing out of hosting the show, but claimed that anybody coming to replace him after standing up for something would be disrespectful.

“That looks corny, you look like the dude that took the other dudes job because he stood up for something he believed in.”

Brandon also compared any black replacement is a “Sambo” act, and that he would never take that position because it’s close to a Ben Carson act.

“Why would say hey I’m going to come back and do this, that’s some Sambo stuff. I’m not Ben Carson.”

America’s Got Talent has chosen its top 3 considerations to replace former AGT host, Nick Cannon. The potential new hosts are Marlon WayansTone Bell, and Brandon Mychal Smith.

Would you watch any of these three host AGT?


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