Opinionated and passionate, Nycole  Hutchens has been conscientious in pursuing her career endeavors. Because of her determination and dedication, Nycole set out to establish herself in her pursuits for her passion in the Entertainment industry as a “self-made”Entertainment Journalist/Blogger. While working full-time and going to school full-time she has successfully done so in just 12 months and believes in sharing her triumphs and downfalls to help motivate other young women.

In addition to her career endeavors as a Journalist Nycole set out to create her own opportunities and does not believe in “waiting” on someone to give them to her. She created her own brand in which she has developed and managed a film industry website and blog from 2013-2015;, and most recently developed her new personal blogsite “Nycoles Lyfe” a  spin off of While establishing her brand for “The Urban Film Stage“, which caters to African-American demographic focusing on Film, Broadway, and Television; Nycole pursued and was selected to host red carpet events; 2013 One Lens Film Festival, 22nd Annual Pan African Film Festival, covered Press Junket for “About Last Night” Interviewing; Kevin Hart and Regina Hall and more.

Nycole understands the “struggle” and has made (and continues) to make required sacrifices to pursue her goals and dreams. Nycole always knew she wanted to contribute her talents and experience to the world but didn’t know how. Struggling with self-acceptance peer-pressure and seeking validation from others turned all that around through her life experiences that helped build character and motivated her to work even harder. Nycole learned that life will always throw a curve ball no matter where one is in life. Having to move back in with her mother, broke and facing the decision to have to drop out of college after facing losing her home and car. Nycole decided to turn her challenge into a triumph and motivation by finishing her degree in Broadcast Communications and started her own websites to help continue her pursuits and staying positive.

Taking a “big leap” of faith, Nycole decided that she would leave the “Entertainment Capital” city and state (Los Angeles, CA) and her  job and did an “impromptu” move to Houston, Texas to pursue a  Bachelors degree in Journalism from Texas Southern University along with building a network to get to know new people and take herself out of her “comfort zone” to experience life in a different area and not give up on her endeavors while facing criticism.

“Most people think that it is juvenile of me to leave a “land of opportunity” to start from fresh and take a chance at my age, but I refuse to let the side-liners throw me off my path.”

In addition to personally following her dreams, Nycole is a firm believer in “passing the blessing” and has created opportunities for other aspiring Journalists and Bloggers hiring them to cover events and believes that everyone who has “payed their dues” deserves a chance not based on just a certificate or a degree, but based on experience and passion.


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