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I woke up this morning feeling very lethargic, sore joints, dehydrated and an exuberant amount of things that made me want to stay in the bed.

I knew I had to do something quick, as I had been feeling horrible for the last couple of days and feeling myself coming on with a cold. No thanks to the sore throat I had and the over night social event from the night before.

IV Drip Therapy is a trend making waves in the healthy and beauty community and popular among celebrities and social elites.

IV Therapy delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly to the bloodstream for maximum absorption. This allows the nutrients to flood your body and nourish itself at the cellular level.

I’m all for health and wellness, so feeling bad is just something I don’t deal with well. I decided to try something new that would give me an instant boost without the crash later, while getting vital nutrients at the same time.

After extensive research and enough appeasing reviews I decided to take the leap not caring about a needle involved (I hate needles).

I took a trip to Thrive Drip Spa in Houston. I arrived amazed at the beautiful facility that had a cute lobby with a snack bar.


I was greeted by a nice young lady named Mercy. She answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable. I filled out electronic paper work, which was complete in less than 10-minutes.

I was immediately taken to the back where I would receive my IV Therapy of choice, the Hydro Drip with a B-12 shot boost.


I was then greeted by nurse Fernando, who would be the one to administer my IV and shot. Fernando could tell I was nervous and did well to ensure I felt comfortable. He was so good, I didn’t even feel the 20″ gauge needle going into my tiny little vein.


I sat in a very comfortable chair with my blanket and pillow (the room is super cold), and waited patiently as the nutrient enhanced liquid flowed through my veins. After about 30-minutes I felt a little light headed. This is normal if you have been dehydrated and like me, you’re probably not used to having a needle in your veins for an hour and 45 minutes.

At the end of my hydro “therapy” session, I then received my vitamin boost shot, which contained B-12 nutrients for energy. This shot was administered on my side near the buttock area.

I must say, I felt instantly rejuvenated after the session. My joints felt lubricated and I feel more hydrated.


Overall, I would recommend this treatment. It’s hospital level care, but in a spa like atmosphere which  helps subside the anxiety you may feel when having to deal with needles.

These treatments do not come cheap and can cost you anywhere from $100-$250 per session.

Thrive Drip Spa also offers Cyro-therapy, Botox treatments and vitamin-shots if you need a quick boost.

For more information visit www.thrivedripspa.com